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According to the last Romanian census, from 2011, there were 253,200 people living within the city of Brașov, making it the 7th most populous city in Romania, and the metropolitan area is home to 369,896 residents.
Brașov is located in the central part of the country, about 166 kilometres (103 miles) north of Bucharest and 380 kilometres (236 miles) from the Black Sea. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is part of the Transylvania region.The city is notable for being the birtplace of the national anthem of Romania and for hosting the Golden Stag International Music Festival.

    During 21-23 July 2017 in the stunning Brasov, the most beautiful city of Romania and the land of Dracula, RED MUSIC FESTIVAL BRASOV – 2017 is prepared to be one of the most important Electronic Music Festivals ever made. We are talking about an outdoor electronic music festival organized on the Brasov Municipal Stadium, where we forecast a massive participation of the public, on average 70,000 people a day.
    Having a solid expertise in organizing important music events in Romania and a young and dynamic team, EDM ASSOCIATION ROMANIA, continuously promote and enrich the EDM values (Education, Diversity and Multiculturalism).
    EDM ROMANIA established a strong partnership for the success of this event with the local authorities, Brasov City Hall and County Council, other relevant authorities and not at last, very important sponsors and media holdings will be part of the event.
    Moreover, the event we are organizing will have as main theme: “Music – foundation of unity and diversity worldwide”, and has been presented at the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture (Valleta, Malta – 18-21 October 2016) and at the 2nd World Culture Forum (Bali, Indonesia – 10-14 October 2016).
    Our collaboration proposal is a completely exceptional one, because Brasov County is known around the world as the both magnificent and mysterious land where the legendary prince DRACULA once lived.